Portable Tent Air Conditioner
Need fresh cool air to cool off the heat wherever you go? A portable and user-friendly like tent air conditioner can be the answer for you. Ten air conditioners are a type of air conditioner with portable feature making it convenient for you to take it anywhere even in tents, cruises, or RVs!

Unlike other common air conditioners, tent air conditioners are designed to operate as little power as possible. Running on battery power making them suited for the use in camping or tents where electric socket is difficult to find.

Together with its finest materials and compact size, tent air conditioner is sturdy for outdoor purpose and easy to move even in a small spaces like tents, mobile units, or any enclosed spaces.

Apart from its easily transported ability, tent air conditioners are easy to install and affordable. Although a number of tent air conditioners are available in market, they are varied in feature, size, capacity, and of course, price.

If you are looking for a portable office air conditioner, why not consider our MovinCool Classic 10, 10,000 btu portable air conditioner.
10000btu portable ac
MovinCool Classic 10 is a portable spot cooling and air conditioning featuring 10,000 btu per hour of cooling air, a standard 115V operation, and up to 104°F temperature handling.

The unit is proven durability with well-built design and portable unit, so you can roll it into any room to cool the hot spot immediately.

portable air conditioner
 When the hotness of summer time is too high to bear, ones usually seek for an escape from the heat, including electronic devices. If you are planning to get a portable air conditioner to cool down the heat, these basic steps are helpful in selecting the most suitable air conditioner for your home and/or office.

1. Think about the space you need to cool and select air conditioner that equal to the area you are cooling. Remember that the larger BTU of the air conditioner, the more space the device is able to cool. Also, other conditions, such as room location or whether the room is shaded or sunny, can either increase or decrease the required BTU of air conditioner.

2. Make decision upon getting a water removel method that works best for you. Together with air cooling, portable air conditioners vaporize it as it passes through.



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